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Republican Primary, Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the court of last resort for all criminal matters in Texas, while the Texas Supreme Court is the court of last resort for all civil matters in the state. Texas is one of two states (Oklahoma is the other) with two courts of last resort.
In addition to being the high court for criminal appeals, the Court of Criminal Appeals (in partnership with the Texas Supreme Court) develops the rules of appellate procedure and the rules of evidence in criminal trials. Additionally, the court is responsible with administering public funds allocated to educate judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys who deal with indigent defendants. It also oversees the funding of clerks and other judicial personnel.
The court is composed of a presiding judge and eight judges. Each judge serves a six-year term. They are elected in staggered partisan elections.

Presiding Judge

Sharon Keller


David Bridges


For Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals we strongly recommend a vote for incumbent Sharon Keller. As one of the most conservative criminal court judges in Texas, she has long been the target of the liberal Democrats and the liberal media for her staunch support of the rule of law and the enforcement of the death penalty when appropriate. Before joining the court she was a prosecutor. Sharon was first elected to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 1994. She was elected Presiding Judge in 2000 and re-elected to that position in 2006. She is the first woman to have served on the Court. A native Texan, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Rice University in 1975 and her Juris Doctor degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1978.
Presiding Judge Keller is chairman of the Texas Indigent Defense Commission and she is on the board of the Council of State Governments Justice Center. She is a Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and a member of the Judicial Advisory Council to the Community Justice Assistance Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. By virtue of her office, she is vice-chair of the Texas Judicial Council.
In 2003 Presiding Judge Keller received the Distinguished Alumni Award for Judicial Service from the SMU Dedman School of Law.

Her opponent is repeating the attacks the Democrats employed against Keller in past elections and not telling the full story.

Sharon Keller deserves your vote.



This is an open seat since incumbent Republican Cheryl Johnson is not seeking re-election. There is no Democrat running for this seat.

Jay Brandon

Michelle Slaughter

Dib Waltrip

For Place 8 on the Court of Criminal Appeals we make no recommendation. We consider all three candidates in that race well qualified.

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