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General Election, Tuesday November 3, 2020

What Others Say About Us

It should not be inferred that any of the individuals below are specifically endorsing any of the current or future candidates endorsed by the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee.

Tom Phillips"Dr. John Coppedge and the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee have led a crusade for fair and independent courts for more than a generation. Their leadership is needed now as much as ever to ensure that Texans elect qualified judges who are devoted to the rule of law."

Former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Phillips



John Cornyn“TBJC understands that Texans are well served by judges who apply the law as it’s written and not try to legislate from the bench.”

Senator John Cornyn





Kim Ross"Improbable as it may sound, the top expert on Texas Judicial Politics is a retired surgeon from behind the "Pine Curtain", the inimitable and I would argue irreplaceable John Coppedge. It's not just his formidable institutional memory and experience dating back to his very first Supreme Court slate cards in '88 but also his political acumen and hard-nosed pragmatism that makes him so very good at this. He has championed both Republican and Democrat judicial candidates on the same slate without blinking or apology, and is as thorough , insightful and diligent a researcher as you will ever find inside the Travis County beltway among the political literati. There is a reason every major judicial candidate --and others--w/a lick of sense make the pilgrimage to Gregg County to spend time with him."

Kim Ross, National Healthcare/Public Affairs Consultant and former chief lobbyist for the Texas Medical Association

Dick Trabulsi“The TBJC and Dr. John Coppedge have a long history of supporting judicial candidates who have high qualifications for judicial office – honesty, integrity, academic and career accomplishment, an even temperament, and impartiality. The Committee has had an important role in making sure that the Texas judicial bench is occupied by judges who apply the plain words of our constitutions and statues and will not use judicial office to impose their own policy views. Very few voters have the opportunity to be personally informed about judicial candidates, and many Texans have learned to trust the recommendations of the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee.”

Dick Trabulsi, President of Texans for Lawsuit Reform


Bill Stoudt"The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee was founded in East Texas and has become a great resource for citizens looking for credible information about conservative appellate judges."

Gregg County Judge Bill Stoudt





Louie Gohmert"The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee may just have been the critical element that assured true justice for Texas rather than a partisan group claiming it 'just for us'."

Congressman Louie Gohmert





Harriet O'Neill “The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee scrupulously examines the qualifications of those who seek election to our appellate courts, and endorses candidates with impeccable integrity who will fairly and conservatively interpret the law. Texas voters can confidently rely on the Committee’s decades-old record of success.”

Harriet O'Neill, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice




John Cayce"No group in Texas has consistently done the job of evaluating judicial candidates like the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee has. Their endorsement and support is sought by many but only well qualified conservative judges make their list."

John Cayce, Former Chief Justice, Second Court of Appeals.




Harvey Kronberg"While folks may disagree with John Coppedge’s politics, no one can dispute that he is one of the most astute court watchers in the State. It is a testament to committed citizenship that a retired physician from Longview and his Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee can have so much impact in Texas elections"

Harvey Kronberg, Editor and Publisher of the ”Quorum Report"


Dale Wainwright"The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee has been evaluating, endorsing and helping conservative candidates for appellate courts in Texas since 1987. I was proud to be endorsed by the Committee in my successful campaigns for the Texas Supreme Court."

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright




Carol Sims"The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee, along with the Texas Civil Justice League was part of the original coalition formed in 1987 to bring much needed reforms to our courts. They remain at the forefront of the effort to ensure that our courts are populated by qualified conservative judges who do not legislate from the bench."

Carol Sims, Executive Director, Texas Civil Justice League


Susan Combs"John Coppedge is a recognized and thoughtful analyst on judicial candidates across Texas."

Former Texas Comptroller Susan Combs


David Medina"The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee has an excellent reputation of evaluating and recommending judicial candidates based solely on qualifications and merit. I applaud Dr. Coppedge and the TBJC for their valiant effort to keep Texans informed about the significance of electing candidates who have a proven themselves as legal scholars."

David Medina, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice



Darren Whitehurst"The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee has a reputation for identifying and helping elect the best qualified judicial candidates for Texas’ highest courts. Since the original work of its founder, Dr. John Coppedge, back in the late 1980s, the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee has helped restore the integrity of the Texas Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals by recommending the best qualified judges. No one is more knowledgeable about the backgrounds and judicial philosophies of these candidates, nor is more effective in putting this information to good use in helping them get elected."

Darren Whitehurst. Former Texas Medical Association Vice President for Advocacy


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