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General Election, Tuesday November 3, 2020

About Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee

The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee was formed in the late 1980s to evaluate, endorse and support judges and candidates for civil courts who believe in the concept of judicial restraint and who are not closely identified with the personal injury bar. In addition we support judges and judicial candidates for criminal courts who recognize and protect not only the rights of criminal defendants but of the victims of crime as well. We also evaluate and endorse in selected other races.

Ours is a conservative philosophy.

The following is a partial list of well qualified Republican men and women endorsed by the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee in the past for statewide judicial office. They include Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson (R), Justices Nathan Hecht (R), Phil Johnson (R), Harriet O’Neill (R), Dale Wainwright (R), Paul Green (R), Don Willett (R) and Scott Brister (R), Deborah Hankinson (R), Xavier Rodriguez (R), James Baker (R) and Eugene Cook (R). We are proud to have also supported former Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen (R) and Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Pete Benevides (D) (both now on the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals) and former Texas Supreme Court Justices Greg Abbott (R) (current Texas Attorney General), John Cornyn (R) (current U. S. Senator), Mike Schneider (R) (now a Federal District Judge), Craig Enoch (R), and former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Phillips (R).

Also supported by our organization in past elections were Mike McCormick (R) and Sharon Keller (R) , both for Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals Judges Cathy Cochran (R), Barbara Hervey (R) and Mike Keasler (R). Court of Appeals Justices and candidates have also benefitted from our support. On the Austin Court of Appeals, David Puryear (R), Lee Yeakel (R), Scott Field (R), Bob Pemberton (R), Jeff Rose (R) and Melissa Goodwin (R) have received endorsements from our group. Others include David Gaultney (R) on the Beaumont Court of Appeals, Josh Morriss (R), and Bailey Moseley (R) on the Texarkana Court of Appeals, El Paso Court of Appeals Chief Justice Richard Barajas (D), Waco Court of Appeals Chief Justice Tom Gray (R) and Justice Al Scoggins, and numerous Justices and candidates for Courts of Appeals in San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Eastland and Corpus Christi.


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